The Great Easter Verse Hunt (Epilogue); 2016 Calendars

Ah, the incredible inconsistencies one has to try to make at least some sort of sense of when seeking to follow man-made religions! How much simpler and easier life would be for all of us if we all sought to only follow the same pattern of religion as the first century churches of Christ (Romans 16:16) as recorded in our divinely inspired and God-breathed bibles (2 Timothy 1:13, 3:14–4:4; 2 Peter 1:16–21). Take for example, the most recent (2016) and outrageous observance of “Easter,” versus “Passover.”

Now “Easter,” biblically speaking, as we all know, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Please see original article of same title). But; according to biblically-corrupt Catholicism (Matthew 23:9; Mark 6:1–3; 1 Timothy 2:5, 4:1–5; and etc) as well as most of the just as anti-biblical, man-made “protestant” denominations all around us (Matthew 15:7–9; Mark 7:5–13; John 17:20–21; 1 Corinthians 1:10; Philippians 1:27; and etc) which at least were formed in protest of Catholicism, but yet still blatantly borrow from its vast arsenal of biblically-corrupt doctrines, “Easter” Sunday is supposed to be the annual celebration of Jesus’ resurrection after His three days in the tomb, which had been immediately preceded by His celebration of the annual Jewish feast of Passover, His arrest, and crucifixion.

But here’s the kicker — the incredible irony and inconsistency of which, would be more than enough to boggle the mind and bring a giggle to the mouth if it weren’t such a tragic and outlandish stretch: According to our calendars for 2016, “Easter Sunday,” (again, according to Catholicism and the many man-made “protestant” denominations all around us, this day being the supposed anniversary of the Sunday resurrection of Jesus Christ following His arrest and crucifixion), was when? Sunday, March 27th, 2016. And the Jewish Passover, which the God-breathed scriptures show He celebrated with His disciples just hours before that same arrest, crucifixion, death and subsequent resurrection (Matthew 26:17–30; Mark 14:12–26; Luke 22:14–20), was when, according to those very same 2016 calendars? Apparently 26 days AFTER His resurrection: April 22nd, 2016! Check it out and see for yourself on your own calendar!

Such is the terrible inconsistency and indefensible contradictions one always eventually encounters when following any man-made doctrine or dogma, instead of the always perfect and consistent, eternally settled in heaven and inerrant, gospel, doctrine, and word of almighty God and Him alone (Psalms 19 & 119)!

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