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Posts by Doug DIngley

Of Christmas Trees & Non-Christians

Have you ever stopped to consider the similarities between the life and death of a Christmas tree, as compared to that of a non-Christian? No? Well, perhaps it’s something to not only consider, but to possibly share in some form or fashion with a non-Christian if you have the opportunity this holiday season. Consider… When…

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Biblically Speaking: Neither Liberal Nor Conservative!

Many today in our beloved brotherhood, bemoan the fact that we currently live in a politically correct, biblically corrupt, “can’t-call-anything-what-it-actually-is” culture. This can be readily proven from practically every corner of our existence. For example, where once we had “used cars” we now have “pre-owned vehicles.” Where once we had middle-aged men “going bald,” we…

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The Most Hypocritical Expression Of Oppression

It is one of the most incredibly transparent, insanely ridiculous, and infinitely hypocritical statements ever made, either in the history of humanity or seen written in the sacred Scriptures! After having Peter and John arrested for preaching Jesus, the elders, scribes, rulers, chief priests, high priest and his family and the council at large, then…

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An Open Letter From Faithful Churches Of Christ, To All Of Our Denominational Friends, Neighbors, & Family Members, As Well As To Our Fallen Away & Out Of Service Spiritual Brethren:

What exactly is the issue here? Why is it you seem to have such a problem with us? Don’t kid yourself. We hear the comments. Like when someone or their children are invited to services or bible study with us and they say, “Oh no, I’m not going to that church,” or “Not with that…

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The Real Story of God

National Geographic. Just the mention of those two words together are synonymous with, representative of, and bring to mind, some of the most beautiful, colorful, dazzling, high definition and mind-boggling photography of almighty God’s creation that His world has ever seen. Tragically, they often also bring to mind something far more sinister, serious, and insidious…

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“Jesus, The Reason For The Season” …Really?

It’s early December. The message on the local denomination’s sign reads, “Jesus: The Reason For The Season.” As I drove by and saw it, I sadly wondered how many really still believed that. Do people really still believe, that in a world where a fully-clad, four foot tall caricature of a plastic virgin mother hovering…

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Of Chips and Works

The airport staging area was crowded to capacity as the young man returned to his wife and casually commented as to his conclusion that the lady at the concession counter who sold him his soda certainly seemed to have had a “chip” on her shoulder. ” Suddenly, several activities stopped short, as multiple sets of…

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Ant Article

Several weeks ago when the weather turned a bit wetter, we suddenly developed a somewhat sizeable, in-house ant problem. A couple of places were soon ‘crawling’ with them. It was at that point that we learned about these little ‘killer’ liquid ant baits. The way they work, is that the sickly sweet liquid draws the…

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