Starting Studies

1. Before We Begin Our Bible Study.pdf

1a. Before We Begin Our Bible Study - Abbreviated Version One Page.pdf

1b. We Must Abide In The Apostles Doctrine Only!.pdf

2. Salvation Survey.pdf

2a. Fourteen Question Pop Quiz For Those Desiring Heaven.pdf

Keeping The Commandments Of God (With Q+A Worksheet).pdf

King Jesus.pdf

Verbal vs Plenary Inspiration.pdf

The Lord's One New Testament Church

The Church Of Christ - Check It Out For Yourself In The Scriptures!.pdf

The Church of Christ - IS NOT A Denomination - Never Was - Never Will Be!.pdf

The Church of Christ - IS The Kingdom Of God On Earth!.pdf

The Church of Christ - Its Six Other Scriptural Terms Of Identification.pdf

The Church Of Christ - No Pastoral Perversions Here!.pdf

The Church Of Christ - What's In A Name.pdf

The Church Of Christ - What's In A Name II - How Is Your Bride Identified.pdf

The Church Of Christ - Why I Am A Member..pdf

The Examination - From Heaven or Men Study Worksheet Sheet (Blank).pdf

The Examination - From Heaven or Men Study Sheet.pdf

Man-Made Denominational Doctrines

1 What Is Wrong With The Denominations Study.pdf

2 Church Histories & The Origin Of The So-Called 'Sinner's Prayer'.pdf

3 Roman Catholicism Examined In Light Of Biblical Truth - Biblically Converting Catholics To Christ.pdf

4 Lutheran Church History - Biblically Converting Lutherans To Christ.pdf

5 Presbyterian Church History - Biblically Converting Presbyterians To Christ.pdf

6 Baptist Church History - Biblically Converting Baptists To Christ.pdf

7 Methodist Church History - Biblically Converting Methodists To Christ.pdf

8 Mormon Religion History - Biblically Converting Mormons To Christ.pdf

9 Jehovah's Witnesses History - Biblically Converting J.W.'s To Christ.pdf

10 Church of the Nazarene History - Biblically Converting Nazarenes To Christ.pdf

11 Assemblies of God Church History - Biblically Converting Assembly Members To Christ.pdf

12 The Christian Church and Disciples of Christ Denominations History - Biblically Converting Their Members To Christ.pdf

13 Cowboy Church History - Biblically Converting Cowboys To Christ.pdf

Biblical Baptism

Biblical Examples Of Conversion To Christ Chart.pdf

Complete List Of Biblical Components Necessary For Salvation.pdf

Seeking to Biblically Convert To Christ Those Who Believe They Were Saved By The So-Called Sinner's Prayer.pdf

Serious Questions For Anyone Seriously Seeking A Greater Understanding Of Biblical Baptism.pdf

The 'Romans Road' To Somewhere Other Than Salvation!.pdf

Twenty-Two Biblical Reasons Why Baptism Now Saves You.pdf

The Be-Attitudes of the Lord

1 - Worksheet Study - The Beatitudes of Jesus as Recorded by Matthew.pdf

2 - Beatitudes Answer Key.pdf

3 - Beatitudes Answer Key For Recently Added Section 8.pdf


1. What EXACTLY Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality.pdf

2. Six Question Love Quiz For Homosexuals.pdf

3. We LOVE Homosexuals.pdf

4. There Is No Such Thing As Same-Sex Marriage.pdf

Contemporary Worship Errors Corrected

Is It Biblically Possible To Fall From Grace.pdf

Peripheral Reasoning And Women's Roles In The Church.pdf

The Apostate Leaders Of Jeremiah's Day & Today's 'Change-Agents'.pdf

The Miraculous Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - Are They Still In Effect.pdf

Holy Spirit Bible Study Questionnaire (Large Print Edition)

The Sin Of Offering Instrumental Music To God - Study And Worksheet.pdf